Pedestrian Traffic Management

Pedestrians are vulnerable to accidents as they are not always visible to motorists. Children, in particular, are prone to road accidents. For this reason, there are numerous road signs and pedestrian management devices that are designed to protect pedestrians. They include water-filled barriers, A-Frame barriers and much more.

Pedestrian management signs and devices that are strong and highly visible are more likely to be effective than those that are not. For this reason, many users turn to Signs and Safety Devices for the best products in the market. We produce durable and effective products that will serve you for a long time.


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Types of Emergency 24/7 Response Signage and Devices

Below is a list of pedestrian traffic management signage and device you can get on the market:

Water-Filled Barriers

These barriers come in a variety of shapes that create a blockage to hold back pedestrians.They can be easily transported when empty, and can be filled up with water to provide stability.

Pedestrian Barriers

These are temporary and low-level barriers that are used to control the flow of pedestrian traffic. For example, if there is construction work being done on a walkway, pedestrian barriers can keep pedestrains off the site.

Pedestrian Crossing Signage

These are mounted near zebra-crossings or any other area where pedestrians are crossing. They can guide pedestrians to a specific spot to while alerting motorists so they can slow down

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