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Emergency signage is used in emergency situations. They range from simple stop signs, accident scenes ahead and much more. First responders use these signs to control motorists and pedestrians while managing the situation. They could also use a-frame barriers to control the flow of traffic around the accident scene.

Emergency signage needs to be clear and visible from a distance. It is important that motorists are aware that there is a hazard ahead and take steps to slow down or avoid the area altogether.  At Signs and Safety Devices, our products are fully certified, providing you with the best quality sinage in the market.

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When you come to Signs and Safety Devices for your emergency signage needs, you can be sure that we will do our best to get you what you need. Our prices are competitive and we offer prompt delivery. If you have an emergency you can count on us.

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Types of Emergency 24/7 Response Signage and Devices

Below is a list of emergency signage and devices you can get on the market:

A-Frame Barrier

These barriers are made with either wood or plastic, offering a quick and easy setup. This makes them ideal in an emergency situation as they can be used to control traffic. A-frame barriers can be covered with reflective material to enhance their visibility.

Emergency Scene Ahead

This sign is designed to warn drivers that something has happened ahead. This gives them time to slow down and use any diversions that the police may have created.

Stops and Speed Bumps

Stop signs are used to warn drivers and other road users of an emergency ahead. Speed bumps enforce this by creating a physical barrier that slows down traffic.

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