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School events make everyone excited, students, most especially. For them, the occasion means there is no academic-related activity to attend to inside the classroom. As for the core committee in charge of the event, it can mean a lot of hassle, though. The event, after all, requires careful planning. While assigning a specific team for a particular task, the committee chairman must also consider placing people in charge of traffic and road safety. Don’t worry; Signs and Safety Devices can help ease the burden of choosing the best traffic control devices and safety equipment for such events.

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About School events

School events come in different forms. There are those that are conducted for a specific club in school, like the Science and Math Club, or the Glee Club, to name a few. Some other events are made to celebrate a particular anniversary, like a College Foundation Day or Grand Alumni Homecoming. Each event is unique depending on the person the school is honoring, or the activity it is holding. The common denominator they share is to ensure that everyone is safe during the occasion.

Part of ensuring everyone’s safety during a school event is providing a traffic control management system that will warn motorists regarding possible crowded areas. It is also important to designate safe zones in the venue. At Signs and Safety Devices, we have different products made for your school events.

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At Signs and Safety Devices, we provide equipment sales and rentals for a wide variety of government agencies. Below is a list of some of the most popular products used in today’s market:

  • Regulatory Signs
  • Construction & Warning Signs
  • School Signs
  • Street Name Signs
  • Mast Arm Signs
  • Object Markers
  • Guide Signs
  • Solar Powered Signs
  • LED Stop & Pedestrian Signs
  • RRFB Solar Signs
  • … and more!

Why Should School Events Utilize Traffic Signs and Safety Equipment?

Traffic is always one of the problems that school event coordinators may encounter during the occasion. This can be eliminated by using traffic signs that will give motorists a warning for possible re-route since the area can be crowded during the activity. It is also important to create an area where traffic flow (entrance and exit to the venue) will be best managed. School signs, and street name signs can also be utilized to let attendees know where to go.

Since there may be different activities that take place simultaneously during the school event, it is important to use delineators, cones, or barriers to manage the crowd. That way, they will be able to know right away where they should be headed to. Vehicle parking spaces need a lot of these safety devices too.


Choose Signs and Safety Devices For High-Quality Traffic Control And Safety Equipment

At Signs and Safety Devices, we are recognized for helping our customers manage their special events, school events included. We do that by offering a wide range of traffic control and safety equipment to those who are in need of one. We ensure that with our devices, a safe traffic flow pattern can be created for your attendees. What’s more, you enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that our equipment meet MUTCD requirements (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices).

If you want to learn more about our traffic control and safety products forschool events, do not hesitate to contact us today. You can call Signs and Safety Devices at 732 302-3007 or send a fax to 732.469.4813.

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