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During the roadwork season, many work zones are established on streets, highways, and interstates. Road safety becomes an increasingly important matter because more people and vehicles will be on the road, traveling greater distances to various destinations. It is important that contractors develop and employ transportation management plans that are tailored to their needs and projects. In addition, these plans should consist of solutions that protect workers and/or re-route traffic around the work zone. If you are looking to get traffic control products for contractors, you have come to right place.

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About Contractors

General contractors can be individuals or companies that are hired for residential and commercial projects. The overall responsibilities of general contractors vary from job to job, but common duties include supplying labor, providing materials, hiring subcontractors, overseeing the project (e.g., for timeliness), upholding safety measures, and more. As mentioned, subcontractors are typically hired by general contractors to perform specific and specialized tasks. For example, construction and road works.

If you own and manage a contractor business, chances are you are looking for products that can help indicate road closures, detours, lane closures, and more. At Signs and Safety Devices, we have all of the products that most contractors need to set up work zones in a safe and efficient manner.

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Popular Products for Contractors

At Signs and Safety Devices, we provide equipment sales and rentals for a wide variety of government agencies. Below is a list of some of the most popular products used in today’s market:

  • LED Stop and Pedestrian Signs
  • Construction and Warning Signs
  • Arrow Boards
  • Crash Trucks
  • Barrier Reflectors
  • 3M Reflective Sheeting
  • Temporary Traffic Control and Flagging Signs
  • Telespar Square Posts
  • MUTCD In-Street Pedestrian Crosswalk Signs
  • Work Zone Sign Stands
  • … and more!

Why Should Contractors Utilize Traffic Signs and Safety Equipment?

Work zones should have an advanced warning area (with warning signs) that alert motorists of upcoming driving condition changes; a transition area to indicate traffic pattern shifts and/or lane closures; and a termination area to indicate that a work zone has ended and traffic resumes back to normal from this point onward.

Several activities can happen at the same time in road construction work zones. To prevent accidents from happening, contractors should use barriers, barrels, and cones to delineate specific areas of the work zone. For example, one can consider creating safe zones for workers, vehicle parking spaces, separate zones for heavy equipment usage, and material storage areas

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Choose Signs and Safety Devices For High-Quality Traffic Control And Safety Equipment

Signs and Safety Devices is recognized as a reputable source for modern and affordable traffic control solutions. Safety is at the heart of everything we do; our company strives to protect all customers and the public via the products we offer. Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that all traffic control devices here comply with the Federal Highway Administration’s MUTCD requirements (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices).

If you want to learn more about our traffic control and safety products for contractors, do not hesitate to contact us today. You can call Signs and Safety Devices at 732 302-3007 or send a fax to 732.469.4813.

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